CyberSecWomen Launch Party – Celebrating Empowerment and Inclusion in Cybersecurity

March 8, 2024, marked a significant milestone for the CyberSecWomen – a Bournemouth University society – as they hosted their inaugural launch party on International Women’s Day.  

The event brought together students, faculty, and industry professionals to discuss the organisation’s goals and set the agenda for the academic year. Under the leadership of the newly founded executive team, the branch embarks on a mission to achieve several important objectives. This organisation is committed to creating an inclusive environment that empowers women in the dynamic field of cybersecurity. By promoting collaboration, mentorship, and networking opportunities, the group aims to dismantle barriers and lead diversity.

Additionally, they aim to bridge the gap between academia and industry by organising workshops, seminars, and industry talks, providing educational opportunities for students. 

Furthermore, it recognises the importance of inspiring and cultivating future talent. Through awareness campaigns, mentorship programs, and the creation of new initiatives, they aim to ignite the passion for cybersecurity in the next generation of female professionals.  

The branch welcomes women from both technical and non-technical backgrounds, catering to diverse interests and skill levels. During the launch party, the most popular request was for non-technical workshops, demonstrating commitment to knowledge-sharing and inclusivity

CyberSecWomen has an exciting agenda for the upcoming academic year. Participants can look forward to thrilling Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions, practical challenges on platforms like ImmersiveLabs, TryHackMe, HacktheBox etc.., engaging hackathons, diverse workshops covering all levels of expertise, dynamic guest talks, impactful community outreach, and opportunities for research project collaboration. 

As the semester unfolds, the society remains committed to its mission of empowering women in cybersecurity. President Iris, Vice President Praniti, and Secretary/Treasurer Sandra lead the charge, and together, they envision a future where women excel in this critical field. 

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Let’s celebrate diversity, knowledge sharing, and the collective strength of CyberSecWomen!