Risk Assessment in Systems of Systems

A System of Systems (SoS) is a collection of individual systems that come together to form a larger, more complex system, which is greater than the sum of its parts.  General research covering the broad topic of SoS exists, but appears to lack in relevant and suitable case studies to support the subject area, specifically when approaching Risk Assessment in complex SoS. When considering security risks in SoS contexts, we also need to account for multiple instance of risk assessments in individual systems.

This project is developing a tool-supported framework for evaluating risk in SoS, utilising an existing state-of-the-art solution using  CAIRIS, while determining how this tool could be used or enhanced to meet the needs of the project and future work, providing a quality solution for assessing risk in SoS.

Contacts: Duncan Ki-AriesShamal Faily, Huseyin DoganVasilis Katos

Funders: Bournemouth University, Dstl

Collaborators: Dstl

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