BUCSR helping create ‘Balkan Rail’


This week, we hosted Georgia Lycou from AUEB who has been helping us build security models for a hypothetical rail company; this work is part of a project funded by the BU Fusion Investment Fund to create specification exemplars for critical infrastructure protection.  The exemplar (Balkan Rail) will explore the impact to critical infrastructure on what otherwise appear to be innocuous issues in any typical commercial organisation in the Balkans.   We ran a two-day workshop to elicit  elements of this exemplar using CAIRIS based on pre-existing risk analysis models from Greek organisations.  Next week, researchers from BUCSR will visit Athens to collect additional data; this will augment the exemplar with details about people at Balkan Rail, the work they do, issues that might lead to security vulnerabilities, and threats faced by the organisation.

From the outset, the Balkan Rail exemplar is being made publicly available via github. Watch this space for more information on how Balkan Rail, and the security challenges it faces, will evolve!