BU undergraduate cybersecurity research in parliament


Like many universities, our final year students are encouraged to carry out final year projects that entail some element of research.  BU is no different, and many of our students are currently engaged in undergraduate research projects that, we hope, will lead to published research.

Each year, a selection of the best research-based project students in the UK are invited to participate in the annual Posters for Parliament exhibition.  This year, two BU students were invited to participate in this event.  One of these was our own Daniel Whitford.  Dan’s project, which is supervised by Shamal Faily, explores how the use of attacker personas can be used to derive more effective network security monitoring rules.

Dan’s poster was well-received, generating lots of interesting discussion from the attendees; these ranged from students and lecturers, through to vice chancellors and MPs.

Well done Dan!