2023 MSc Student Presents at IFIP Conference

2022/23 MSc Cyber Security and Human Factors graduate Esther Akinlade presented a paper at the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) OCCE 2024 Conference that she co-written with Dr. Andrew M’manga. The paper, entitled “Improving Transparency in School Admission Web Forms Through User-Centric Privacy Notices – A Privacy by Design Perspective,” explores the integration of Privacy by Design principles into school admission processes, aiming to enhance privacy notices transparency, accessibility, and user engagement.

In her presentation, Esther discussed the research, which sits at the intersection of cybersecurity, privacy, and education. The research explores how privacy notices may improve school admission web forms through Privacy-by-design approaches, making them more transparent and comprehensible, and improving user experience, user trust, informed decision-making, and control over personal data.

The work underscores the critical role of privacy and transparency in achieving a digitally transformed education system that contributes to an inclusive digital education landscape.