Shamal Faily
Principal Academic in Systems Security Engineering & Head of BUCSR
Ed Apeh
Principal Academic in Computing
Abir Awad
Principal Academic in Cybersecurity
Huseyin Dogan
Principal Academic in Computing
Marcella Favale
Research Fellow in Law
Christos Gatzidis
Head of Department - Creative Technology
Jane Henriksen-Bulmer
Lecturer in Computer Science
Nan Jiang
Principal Academic in Software Quality & Software Testing
Michael Jones
Principal Academic in Computing
Vasilis Katos
Professor of Cybersecurity
John McAlaney
Principal Academic in Psychology
Alexios Mylonas
Academic in Computing
Gail Ollis
Academic in Psychology
Tim Orman
Senior Academic in Creative Technology
Jacqui Taylor
Associate Professor in Psychology
Philip Wilkinson
Academic in Digital Communication



Mohammed Al Qurashi
PhD Student
Amna Altaf
PhD Student
Stephen Ambore
PhD Student
Mohamed Ben Naseir
PhD Student
Amalia Damianou
PhD Student
Omololoa Fagbule
PhD Student
Mohammad Heydari
PhD Student
Duncan Ki-Aries
PhD Student
Dimitris Mallis
MSc Student
Andrew M'manga
PhD Student
Mohammad Naiseh
PhD Student


Ioannis Askoxylakis
Kristian Beckers
Social Engineering Academy
Sepideh Ghanavati
Texas Tech University
Chris Williams
Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL)
Nicola Zannone
Eindhoven University of Technology / TU Delft