TAPCHA team has been selected for DCMS CyberASAP Phase 2

TAPCHA team (Dr Nan Jiang, Dr Huseyin Dogan, Dr Angelos Stefanidis) at Bournemouth University has successfully completed the CyberASAP Year 3 Phase 1 a few months ago and they have now been successful again for being selected for Phase 2 starting from 23 September. In this Phase, the team’s main task is to develop a MVP to showcasing its novel and innovative CAPTCHA solution.

About TAPCHA: TAPCHA is an online fraud detection and prevention solution, reinvented for everyone. It improves the detection and prevention of non-authentic web traffic for global online service providers, by offering a new, localisable, non-invasive CAPTCHA solution because business revenue and user trust are adversely affected by the increasing amount of malicious online transactions. For more details, please visit: BUCHI, Human Computer Interaction Research Group at Bournemouth University.

About CyberASAP: please visit: KTN’s CyberASAP News.