BUCSR helping charities prepare for GDPR

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

Most companies around Europe are preparing for the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will enforce all EU citizens’ right to privacy.  Unfortunately, for charities working with those with temporary or permanent mental ailments, collecting and processing personal data leads to a fundamental dilemma.  Complying with GDPR might harm their clients, e.g. failing to share information with a health practitioner that could save someone’s life.  Not complying leads to financial penalties that that might cripple their charity, or lead to a loss of client or donor trust.

Following a Charity Impact funding award from BU, Jane Henriksen-Bulmer, Shamal Faily, and Raian Ali are working with a local charity to help them prepare for GDPR.  We are using new research developed by Jane to support the process used for this GDPR implementation, and are using CAIRIS to support this process.

We will be sharing the results of our work at a one-day workshop in June.  If you work for or with local charities, and are need help getting ready for GDPR, you can sign up for free here.