Risk-based Decision Making collaboration with NAIST

Andrew M’manga has been invited to give a guest talk on risk based decision making by the Nara Institution of Science and Technology (NAIST) in Japan. The talk will be a part of Japan’s Industrial Cyber Security Centre of Excellence (ICS-CoE) one year programme, aimed at developing defence capabilities against cyber-attacks in infrastructure and industrial infrastructure. Andrew’s talk focusses on understanding decision making by cyber security analysts under conditions of risk and uncertainty. His research blends work for security and cognitive psychology and aims at proposing system design principles to facilitate risk based decision making.

As part of the visit, Andrew will run studies with industry based security analysts to validate a proposed model on rationalising and communicating decision making about risk. The studies will also aim at identifying the impact cultural difference may have on decision making about risk.  The studies are part of Andrew’s Dstl funded doctoral research on design for risk-based decision making.

Andrew’s visit is funded by NAIST, as part of the ICS-CoE programme.